This last quarter of the year will be terrible in hospitals. People are very worried about swine flu and how will arrive soon autumn and hiver and the collapse in urgency services can to present chaotic scenes. If, usually, in this seasons services of assistance medical are full of people who want a vaccine for don’t catch flu or others illness, now with this new kind of flu, it can overflow doctors.

A father tell to your son the tale of The Three little pigs

And a thing that all the world speak is about patients at most risk. Who must be vaccinated in first time: Children, taxi drivers, surgeons, pregnant women, who first arrive at the hospital? Because people, in this cases of emergency, become crazy instead to hold the calm and to wait their turn. If politicians (for don’t manage the situation), journalists (for give an excess of sensationalism) and hospital services (for don’t prevent the situation with enough personal for attend ill people) don’t know how to stop the problem, this last quarter of the year can be a worldwide chaos.

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