I am Juan Rubio, born on October 10th, 1971, from Barcelona (Spain). I like drawing cartoons from child, to illustrate news, create comics, becoming graphic designer and amateur photographer, occasional columnist and other kind of artist things.

I try to understand this crazy world drawing cartoons and writing funny stories. I like using satire as expression method, but I’m those kinds of people that didn’t kill any fly, so my thoughts are inoffensive, at least I think this. If some stories bother you, I’m sorry, but it’s by fault of the time and moment where they are written and drawn.

I have sometimes become my own character, even I sometimes think that is it which manages me, and my caricature appears in some cartoons as if it had its own life. Sure that it isn’t me. Inside to me reside an unknown kind of mutant that scientists try to investigate, but I don’t leave them to approach. I’m like a fugitive searching the truth far away.

From child that I felt the need to tell stories, drawing or writing. I would like to win my life with my doodles, but it’s a think that for the moment I have not yet had the opportunity or if I have had I didn’t know to profit the moment.

Anyway, I have discovered that it serves to me for relieving the daily routine, instead to have to pay for going to the psychologist.

If you need to contact with me for something, tell me: rubiocartoons@hotmail.com


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